Wendy Nguyen, of Wendy’s Lookbook, is one of Socialyte’s premiere exclusive talents.  Before becoming one of the world’s top fashion influencers, she was a child of the foster care system.  Now, she runs the Wendy’s Lookbook Foundation, which supports youths who have been impacted by juvenile justice system in California.

When LensCrafters approached Socialyte for an influencer partnership, Wendy proved to be the perfect fit for the brand.  Through the collaboration, Wendy was able to bring 5 youths from the Foundation to LensCrafters for testing and fitting with the brand’s new Claryifye system.

While this LensCrafters campaign garnered about 2.5 Million potential impressions through Wendy’s blog and social channels, the true purpose of this campaign was to outfit in-need teens with the ability to see and accelerate their success in school and beyond.


Goal: Brand Awareness and Philanthropic Efforts
Total Campaign Reach: 2.5 Million Potential Consumers
Youths with New Glasses: 5