In September 2016, Chips Ahoy approached Socialyte to organize an influencer campaign to support the launch of the neir new THINS variety.  Socialyte identified and contracted eight food and lifestyle influencers to create original and engaging product photography to emphasize the thinness of the new product.

Each influencer took the creative brief and made it their own.  The Infatuation decided to use the Chips Ahoy THINS as the outside of homemade ice cream sandwiches, which resonated very well across their primary and secondary channels.

Using a mix of Food Influencers, like the Infatuation and Gillie Houston, and lifestyle and DIY influencers like Aww Sam and Carrie Colbert, ensured that a wide variety of potential consumers saw the bright and creative imagery.



Goal: Product Awareness and Content Creation
Total Reach: 2.2 Million Consumers
Total Engagement: 30,000 (combined likes, comments, shares)