— Strategy

Our Brand Strategy team is dedicated to our client contacts. We work directly with brands, PR teams, marketing companies, digital media strategists, and publishing partners to cast an influencer-agnostic program strategized to hit KPIs. This team works to build out 360 degree programs that integrate industry-leading strategies via our Studio, Experiential, and Performance Marketing teams. We ideate the best possible program for your brand, bring it to life with our top-notch, white-glove service execution team, and maximize on impact via metric-backed amplification strategies in order to reach target audiences, meet CPM and CPC goals, and drive purchase intent clicks.


How It’s Done

Creative Brainstorming

In conjunction with our clients, our Brand Strategy team establishes KPIs and will predict accurate schedules and metrics that should be the result of your program at any budget.


Our team of brand strategists will handle casting the program hand-in-hand with our clients, which includes outreach, negotiating, contracting, and payment in conjunction with our legal and accounting teams.

Project Management

Our world-class team of campaign managers handle scheduling, draft delivery, custom performance marketing and amplification, ensuring alignment every step of the way.


Our top reporting goals are ensuring benchmarks have been reached, first party data reporting (including impressions, reach, swipe ups, saves, etc.), and conglomerate statistics including overall campaign performance across organic and amplified content in one easy-to-read virtual dashboard.