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Socialyte's in-house experiential and events division offers brand partners a white-glove solution from strategy and creative conception to execution and surrounding content production. Driven by the agency's influencer talent and devised to ignite authentic consumer interaction and community building, our experiential branch handles the entire process with a focus on organic and purposeful brand integration.


 Experiential OfferingS

Strategy & Creative Concept Development

Successful experiential activations begin with a comprehensive client consultation so our team is aligned on your brand's objectives and KPIs. Additionally at this stage, we'll strategize any potential brand integration opportunities and design visuals for events to sign off on any build-outs.

Experiential Design

Our team excels at thoughtful experiences spanning multiple categories from festival activations and pop-up experiences to influencer travel getaways and press-worthy galas.

White Glove Event Production

Our full-service team will execute the creative concept for your experiential event from start to finish. We handle all pre-production, production, and post-production needs down to recaps and reporting against your goals.

Content Strategy

Every experience is designed to ultimately facilitate exceptional digital content as the byproduct. We do this through thoughtful content direction, production, distribution, and custom asset creation for brand-owned and paid media channels as well as via influencer to maximize reach.

Event Marketing

To ensure promotion, we tap our exclusive rolodex of celebrity, influencer, and PR channels to curate a guest list whose audiences match your brand's target demographic.