Get to Know: Eugenie Grey of Feral Creature

What’s been your favorite brand partnership to date and why?

Shooting a campaign with some badass femmes and a celebrity photographer for The Lipstick Lobby and the ACLU. It was not paid. It just felt good to do something huge with the platform I've been given, and it was truly an honor to be representing such a great cause alongside powerful people. Sometimes the best things in life are free (or unpaid).

What was a moment that you felt defined your career as an influencer?

Helping to be a voice for the weirdos, the people who were dorks in high school, the people who are unafraid to express themselves in dress/hair/personality. I've found my kindred spirits in this crazy little internet bubble called social media.

Where do you see the industry going in 1 year? In 5 years?

In one year, I see lots of functionality on Instagram -- even more so than we've experienced. I feel like Instagram is attempting to be our be-all and end-all -- we may even be able to long-form blog on it. As for brand partnerships, the trend has been leaning towards longer and longer partnerships and away from one-off posts. I think we may see an increase in the number of those long term partnerships, the length of time, and the involvement. Travel and adventure experiences really connect with an influencer's audiences AND connect influencers with each other on the ground--we're probably going to see a big spike in these with longterm partnerships.

In five years, there will be new social media platforms, new influencers, etc. While fresh faces will come into exciting money, more established bloggers and influencers will work both in front of and behind the scenes -- not only doing paid posts, but perhaps also working alongside brands' creative teams to help build out campaigns.

What do you want to focus on in 2019?

I'm working on product lines, and I'd like to live outside of the country at some point. <3