Ellen Kim x Amazon The Drop


Influencer posts on social media are obviously a huge part of digital marketing these days, with brands spending massive budgets on influencer campaigns and partnerships. One way to bring an influencer partnership to the next level is to collaborate with them on a product or collection. With a product that is created in partnership with the influencer, both parties have more invested in the success of the product, and the relationship is much more natural anyway!

That’s why we are huge fans of Amazon’s new program, The Drop, where they partner with influencers for custom capsule collections that are only available for 30 hours. Socialyte’s very own Ellen Kim released her collection with The Drop recently, and thanks to plenty of teasers beforehand, the collection sold out within an hour of going live. In fact, it was so successful that they held a second order for 5 of the most popular styles.

Here’s what Ellen had to say about why partnering with Amazon was the perfect fit and what she thinks makes for a successful influencer collaboration:

Tell us about the pieces you created for your collection with The Drop and what that design process was like. 

I wanted to create a collection that was approachable, comfortable and easy to wear year-round. Many of my pieces were inspired by boho vibes but I wanted to elevate the designs by adding in subtle details like tassels and trims. My collection is designed to be worn every day, whether you're working, getting lunch with friends, running errands, or having a date night. The design process was really fun. I got to bring to life pieces that I always wanted in my closet. 

Why was Amazon the perfect partner to team up with?

Accessibility!! I would say most people shop on Amazon at some capacity and since it was also available all around the world I loved that anyone could own a piece of my collection. Amazon is one of the biggest online retailers in the world and it was a dream to work with a brand that truly believes in influencers and trusts us completely. The resources they have are endless and I knew that they would only deliver the best quality designs and pieces for me and my readers. It was my first time creating a collection, I had the exact vision of what I wanted and Amazon brought it to life. I couldn't be more happy.


How has releasing a capsule collection allowed you to interact with and engage your followers more?

I would say for the most part that has remained the same. Whether I'm working with a brand or not, I answer every single DM every night. I love talking with my readers and answering any question they have is also part of the job. I get to not only know them better but understand what they love! 


A lot of influencers launch capsule collections, but not all of them are successful. What do you think makes for a successful influencer collaboration?

I think it's about understanding your readers completely. I knew a lot of my readers were in their late 20's-30's, working professionals, moms or soon to be moms, some were in college, so I wanted to make sure my collection spoke to all women. I also focused on flattering shapes for my pieces to make sure these pieces were flattering as possible with elevated details.

What's your favorite piece from your collection?

That's so hard to say! I love them all equally but I will say I had the most fun creating the big balloon sleeve top. It's was the most fashion-forward piece in the collection but at such a great price point. It allowed people to try the trend without breaking the bank!