In February 2016, Colgate tapped Socialyte exclusive talent, Marianna Hewitt as an ambassador for their new Optic White toothpaste.  The comprehensive campaign ran during the full year of 2016, and included a commercial appearance, two dedicated blog posts on Marianna’s site, Life with Me, and 10 dedicated Instagrams to her 2 Million followers. 

The partnership kicked off at New York Fashion Week 2016 with a dedicated blog and social support.  Shortly thereafter, Marianna was flown to Miami to shoot the Colgate commercial at the legendary Wynwood Walls with a fellow beauty blogger. Through his ambassadorship program, Marianna continued to share dedicated Colgate Instagrams through the summer to September NYFW, at which time she published another dedicated editorial. 

The extended relationship between Colgate and Marianna emphasizes the natural fit between influencer and brand.  In an interview with, Marianna describes how well received it was by her fans, saying, “I've been with [Colgate Optic White] for a year and have a national commercial on TV right now, and in Australia and New Zealand... people really love seeing the commercial. I get tweets almost every day from fans who have seen it. It's really cool because I think it's showing audiences that aren't necessarily into YouTubers or bloggers that we're really strong voices in marketing.”